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What Liverpool fans noticed about Philippe Coutinho playing for Barcelona against Real Madrid

Yesterday, Barcelona hold a 1-1 draw with Real Madrid in Copa del Rey at Camp Nou.

Former Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho started from first minutes but was substituted in the 63rd minute as Lionel Messi came in.

A lot of fans as well as Liverpool fans were surprised by Coutinho’s performance on Wednesday night, with many claiming he’s no longer the same player he was at Anfield. (via Mirror)

One wrote on Twitter: “Didn’t mention it but Coutinho looks so lost playing for Barca, looks nothing like the player he was at Liverpool.”

“Even while he was my favourite player, I always had suspicions if Coutinho had the mental fortitude to go up into that ELITE bracket. Barca basically payed us €160m to confirm that suspicion; doesn’t look like he has the mental strength to be a top top player,” wrote another.

Third one wrote: “From being the best player in the Premier League to being the worst player on the bench.”

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