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Best Assists Ever In Football History

Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo during their time at Real Madrid

Image source: Tribuna

Football is not only the biggest sport in the world but also one of the most beautiful ones. The incredible goals and mind blowing assists are a usual thing here.

Both at the leagues and at the international stage football stars are shining with their techniques and ability to assist the most fascinating goals. And sometimes the assists are more beautiful than the goals they are supposed to provide.

Here are the finest examples of the most beautiful assists in football throughout its long history. The video footage below includes amazing assists from Zinedine Zidane, Ricardo Quaresma, Paul Pogba, Roberto Firmino, Kevin De Bruyne, Luis Suarez, and even Manuel Neuer.

So take a seat and enjoy!

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Top 20 Assists Ever in Football History