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Stephen Curry’s parents reveal who they rooted for during the 2019 Western Conference finals

Image source: NBC Sports

Stephen Curry and Seth Curry played against each other during the 2019 Western Conference finals.

On the most recent episode of Dell and Sonya Curry’s podcast, Raising Fame, they were joined by Klay Thompson’s father, Mychal.

During the conversation, Klay Thompson’s father asked Dell and Sonya about the 2019 Western Conference finals.

Here is how the conversation went.

-Thompson: “I was thinking about you guys during the Portland-Warriors series last year and seeing you guys in your split jerseys. And I said if I was the Currys — if I had to choose — I would choose Seth. Steph already had three rings …”

-Dell: “We didn’t tell the media that, but that was our choice (laughing).”

-Thompson: “I want my other son to get a ring now. And I’m sure Steph would have understood it.”

-Sonya: “It was really weird, though. First of all, we hated that whole experience …”

-Thompson: “Really?

-Dell: “Oh it was tough. It was tough.”

-Thompson: “You couldn’t lose either way.”

-Dell: “No. Somebody had to lose.”

-Sonya: “You couldn’t have the full fan experience because you were too aware of the fact that you were actually cheering against your other son … and it was hard for Stephen because he’s so used to having us there all the time — more than Seth — and (when) we would sit in Portland’s section, you could tell he was like, ‘Oh, this is confusing.’ If he would do something good, he would want to look up and celebrate with us. Well, you can’t look up in Portland’s section (laughing).”

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“Splash brothers”. Mychal Thompson describes bond between Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry