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“Splash brothers”. Mychal Thompson describes bond between Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry

Image source: NBC Bay Area

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, who are known as Splash Brothers,  have become NBA’s most iconic duos.

Klay Thompson’s father Mychal Thompson has spoken out on the bond between the two Warriors stars.

“Klay loves playing with Steph, he respects him so much,” Klay’s father Mychal Thompson said on Dell and Sonya Curry’s podcast, “Raising Fame.” “He talks about him all the time and how hard he works, how dedicated he is to the game and to his family. He has said it to me in private that he loves playing with Steph and he wants to retire as a Warrior after another 10 years.

“He wants to go into the Hall of Fame along with Steph. That’s how close he feels to him and how honored he is to play with him. They have formed a special bond. That’s why I told him, I said, ‘Even though you’re going to probably miss this year, you and Steph will still have eight years together as long as you take care of your bodies.’ ”

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