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Micah Richards gives his Premier League title prediction ahead of Man City vs Liverpool

Image source: Getty Images

Former Manchester City player Micah Richards has backed the Blues to defeat Liverpool and get the Premier League trophy this season.

City are trying to win their third league title this season. They are sitting on the 2nd place in the league table 6 points behind the leaders Liverpool.

However, former Premier League and FA Cup-winner Richards believes the Citizens are able to become the England champions once again.

He told (via MetroUK): “I think City will win the Premier League this season. They’ve made it hard for themselves with the current situation at centre back, but City always do things the hard way. I would never back against City because the quality that they’ve got in the squad can turn a game on its head and the manager knows how to get the best out of every player. De Bruyne was a huge miss last season, but now he’s fully fit he’ll be like a new player and is pivotal in the way City like to play. I have to give respect to Liverpool because they are playing really well but if they pick up an injury to one of their key men, then the team loses some balance. If Salah, Mane or Firmino gets injured, it would massively impact the way they play and make it difficult for them to maintain that level.”

Richards considered the City boss Pep Guardiola in his sphere, saying: “He is the best manager in world football right now. ‘His ability to get the best out of his players is a rare quality that separates him from most other managers. In football, talent can only take you so far. ‘As well as hard work, a player needs a good manager who can guide them and get the best out of them. His work is done behind the scenes, but he trusts the quality of his players to do it for him on the pitch and is ready to step in when necessary. ‘He has a philosophy that he will stick with and he doesn’t rest on his laurels, even if City are winning by four or five goals, he wants more from his players – it’s a great combination.”

The Citizens are going to face Liverpool in their Premier League season on Sunday.


Source: MetroUK

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