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Liverpool legend tells Spurs ace: “You are not good enough for Real Madrid”

Image source: Getty Images

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher believes Christian Eriksen needs to forget about leaving Tottenham for Real Madrid as he is not good enough.

Eriksen admitted earlier this summer he wanted to leave the club but he was among a number of Spurs players to under-perform against Liverpool on Sunday.

Liverpool legend Carragher feels Eriksen’s current performances are a long way off the quality necessary to play for the Spanish side.

“Eriksen for me is a really good player for Tottenham, but he keeps getting talked about as this player who could play for Real Madrid. He’s not good enough,” he told Sky Sports.

“If he’s that good, he’s got a year to go in his contract, you’d pay money for him. People keep saying maybe on a free transfer… you’d have anyone on a free transfer.

“This summer he wanted to go, he made it known, he said it publicly, and no one came in for him. I think Eriksen has been fantastic for Spurs but he’s not better than Spurs. He might go to PSG, he might go to another club, but he won’t make any of them better.”

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