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LeBron James speaks about his releationship with Lakers teammate Anthony Davis

Image source: Getty Images

LeBron James says his chemistry with Los Angeles Lakers teammate Anthony Davis is “very good” and hails him as a “very cerebral player”.

After Lakers’ 123-101 win over Golden State Warriors in their opening preseason game, Lebron speaking of Davis said:

“AD is AD. I thought he was great from the beginning of the game. His ability to give us extra possessions on the offensive end with his rebounding. Knocking down shots, I think he had five dunks in the first half. Communication on the defensive end. He is a very cerebral player. It was a good start for him.”

And when asked about his chemistry with Davis Lebron replied:

“It’s never easy to build but it’s been very good because of the relationship we had before becoming team-mates. We are very straightforward with one another, not sugar-coat anything and not take anything personally. We’re able to take constructive criticism. He gets in my ear, I get in his ear but it’s all to make each better, which is ultimately for the benefit of the team.”

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