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Former basketball player Scottie Pippen praises Stephen Curry

Image source: NBC Sports

Golden State Warriors lost 101-123 in a preseason game against LA Lakers.

Former basketball player Scottie Pippen has praised Stephen Curry, who earned 18 points in the game against Lakers.

Pippen has claimed that there will never be another player like Curry.

“I think this is truly a one-off,” Pippen said on ESPN’s The Jump, via NBC Sports Bay Area. 

“Unless he can force his son to go after his records, no one is even going to have the DNA to even think about trying to capture this. It’s amazing, you look at how this kid shoots the ball from behind the 3-point line, he shoots it like it’s a layup.

“There’s no restriction. He’s been a game-changer. You look at his threes attempted compared to Ray Allen, and Ray Allen was probably getting three to five a game, whereas Steph is probably getting 10 to 15 a game.

“So, I don’t see any players in the league that can really change this landscape unless him and Klay get on separate teams.” 

source – Cluth Points

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