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LeBron James labeled a ‘coward’ for playing in China

Image source: Getty Images

NBA fans have shown their anger towards Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James for playing in the exhibition match against Brooklyn Nets in Shanghai.

The NBA have been on good terms with China, organizing the preseason games over the country, but the Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet on supporting Hong Kong protests has changed the situation.

After the case 11 of the NBA’s official Chinese partners have stopped correspondence with the league. Meanwhile, some Americans wanted the NBA players out of China.

However, Los Angeles Lakers have played the game with 114-111 defeat to Brooklyn Nets.

The American professional LeBron James has always been active when talking about political issues. But after the game he decided not to make any comments, which led the NBA fans criticize the player.

One of the angry fans wrote on his Twitter page: “@NBA what the heck!? In support of communism I see!? I hope the fans protest the NBA this year. Greed obviously is the root of all evil, and when I thought the nba stood for something more than just money… I was proven wrong by your actions. @KingJames”

The second one tweeted: “This is a disgrace. I’m surprised that people like Lebron James would play in a country with so many human rights violations. The NBA is all about money.”

Another one wrote: “@KingJames hiding from the media because of #China money. Coward.”

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