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LeBron on criticism, chatter: “I can care less”

LeBron James decided to not let a game get away on Wednesday night in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 121-113 victory over the San Antonio Spurs at Staples Center.

James scored 42 points, 20 in the fourth quarter.

Afterwards, James was asked if his performance was fueled in any way by all the talk surrounding him in recent days.

“No, for what? I’m past the [taking things] personal stage,” James said after his third game of 40-plus points this season.

“I can do whatever. I can have a huge workload, I can have a not so huge workload. … It doesn’t matter for me. What’s most important is seeing my teammates make huge shots in the fourth quarter. … That’s what’s most important to me. I can care less about the narrative about me. It doesn’t matter. I’m a staple in this game.”

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