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Jurgen Klopp. “Coutinho and Can are already forgotten”

Liverpool boss says Liverpool former players Philippe Coutinho and Emre Can are “forgotten”.

Jurgen Klopp told the Liverpool Echo: “We had a good team last year. From the team we started with, we lost Emre Can and Philippe Coutinho.

“Now Phil is, if you want, already forgotten as we played half a year without him. But at this moment last season, he was in.

“Emre was a fixed line up player – physically strong, football wise strong, he played a lot of games. But it’s not like you feel (deflated).

“We’ve made some really good transfers. I am really happy with what we’ve got here.

“What we need to do is achieve the point where it all fits together. Bringing together all the qualities of the new players with the qualities of the established players so it really works together so then we can say: ‘Now we make the next step.’

“You can’t say the next step is tomorrow but hopefully it will be during this season. The next step for us would not be improving our football on the highest level, it would mean playing the same football more often.

“It’s not that we say we need to improve this and that. We only need to do what we’ve already done on our best days much more often.”

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