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Giannis Antetokounmpo to be among NBA’s all-time greatest players in one condition

Image source: Getty Images

Giannis Antetokounmpo will join NBA’s all-time greatest players if he wins his second consecutive Most Valuable Player Award (MVP).

The Greek Freak has again lifted the Milwaukee Bucks this season and therefore his worthiness for this award have been clear.

He is the game’s best player on the game’s best team and, unlike with LeBron and Anthony Davis, or Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry before them, Giannis has no fellow superstar to aid in his efforts.

Giannis is also a two-way player that recent MVPs like James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Curry and Durant were not.  When he wins the MVP this year, Giannis will be only the 14th player in history to win at least two MVPs and also will be one of only four players to win two MVPs by the age of 25: Kareem, LeBron and Duncan.

Milwaukee superstar is obviously better player this season than last, with improvements nearly across the board, from scoring (29.6 points per game vs. 27.7 last season), rebounding (13.7 up from 12.5), 3-point shooting (30.6 percent up from 25.6 percent) and 3-point attempts per game (4.8 up from 2.8).

Source- CBS Sports

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