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NBA analyst compares Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant

Image source: Golden State of Mind

NBA analyst Stephen A Smith has compared former teammates Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were teammates at Golden State Warriors until the summer of 2019 when Durant joined Brooklyn Nets.

Speaking about Curry and Durant, Smith said: “No way was there ever going to be a time when Kevin Durant received more love than Stephen Curry.

“Here’s where Kevin Durant, in my opinion, probably had a problem- people. Because you love Steph Curry, you tried to act like Steph Curry was better than Kevin Durant. And that was never the case.”

“Kevin Durant was the best player on the Golden State Warriors. There has not been a time when Kevin Durant was a worse player than Steph Curry,” Smith added.

“Curry is the best shooter we have ever seen in our lives. (But) he was never a better all-round player than Durant. And that’s just not true. And Durant knew that.”

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