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Gareth Bale facing potential 23-game ban after ‘obscene’ celebration

Real Madrid star Gareth Bale is facing a potential 12-game ban for his “obscene” celebration in his side’s 3-1 win at the Wanda Metropolitano.

La Liga’s organising body confirmed today that they will investigate Bale after they claimed he riled up home fans.

They will decide if Bale will be hit with a ban.

La Liga said in a statement that Bale had “lifted his right arm near his head in a clear sign of provocation towards the fans, then giving a gesture which could be seen as obscene and disdainful by folding his arm and striking it with his other hand”.

The league added that since February 2018, any “offensive goal celebration which could cause tension among supporters or been as contrary to good sportsmanship”.

If the committee decide Bale intentionally wound up rival fans he could be hit with anything from a four to 12-game ban.

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