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15-11-2019 | 18:22 Basketball

Alex Caruso tells why he and LeBron James fit well together

Los Angelel Lakers' Alex Caruso has revealed why he fits well with LeBron James after the club's 120 - 94 win over Golden State Warriors on Wednesday. This season the two-man line-up of the players has posted a +12.3 net rating in the 94 minutes, improving from the last season's +9.1 net rating they posted in 147 minutes. Speaking on his pairing with James, Caruso told: “We complement each really well. Both cerebral players. I kind of understand what he looks for. I got to play with him last year obviously, and we’re starting to pick up our chemistry going into games this year ... We’re just rounding into form.” The 25-year-old said while James draws the attention of the defenses, he manages to get to the basket. “People guard him and don’t guard me in pick and rolls so I get layups. Other than that it’s just reading the game. He draws so much attention, and I’ve talked about it in the past, it’s really just about playing off of other teams’ mistakes. Sometimes when he’s on the court he draws so much attention that the court kind of flows towards him. So just trying to balance that out,” he added.
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