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LeBron James: “Warriors not weird without Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson”

Image source: Getty images

Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James has claimed that Golden State Warriors are not weird without Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson when playing against them.

In Wednesday’s match against Warriors, Lakers won with 120-94 and in a post-match interview when James was asked whether it’s weird playing against warriors without Curry and Thompson he replied:

“Not when you’re in it, you know. Not when you’re in it. I think when I’m watching them, you know, when I’m at home and we’re on off nights and I’m watching them — then it becomes weird then just seeing Klay in a suit and, you know, not seeing Steph out there. But not when you’re playing. I played them in the Finals without Kyrie and Kevin. So no.”

Source- ESPN

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