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Why Callum Hudson-Odoi should reject Bayern Munich and stay at Chelsea

Former Arsenal playmaker Paul Merson has warned Callum Hudson-Odoi that he should stay at Chelsea and reject any bid from Bayern Munich.

The German giants have reportedly made several bids for the teenager, but so far the Blues have not budged in their refusal to sell.

“I like the lad,” Merson said during an appearance on The Debate on Sky Sports. “I mean, I’ve watched him play a few times and I think he’s got great potential.

“It’s alright having potential, you have to then go on and do it. We see a lot of people have potential and then they get in and they don’t produce.

“If I was his agent, I’d be sitting down with him – or if I was his mate – and I’d go: ‘Be patient, stay at Chelsea. Give it a while. You’re a young kid.’ For me, Bayern Munich are an aging football team. I think they’re going one way, Bayern Munich.

“They’re not going to be the dominant team they were. They’ve got a lot of older players in the team now. When they change it around, there’s going to be a lot of pressure on him.

“He’s not going to be playing with your Riberys and your Mullers and people like that. There’ll be change at Bayern Munich. He’ll be expected to pull up trees and he’s a young kid.

“For me, I’d be saying stay at Chelsea, be patient and just see what happens in the next six months. And if you have faith in your own ability, you’d probably do that.”

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