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Basketball, Models and Actresses. Who are the current NBA players dating?

Hollywood Netflix show star Laura Harrier and Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson

Image source: SFGate

Viviana Ortiz

Image source – El Nuevo Día

Viviana Ortiz is a Puerto Rican actress and model. The 33-year-old is Dallas Mavericks’ star J.J. Barea’s wife. They have been in a relationship since 2013 and got married in 2016.

Viviana and J.J. have one child.

Image source – Viviana Ortiz Instagram Account
Image source – Viviana Ortiz Instagram Account

Amelia Vega

Image source – pageant mania

Philadelphia 76ers’ Al Horford’s wife Amelia Vega is a model, who was born in Dominician Republic.

The 35-year-old married Horford in 2011 and in 2015 their first child was born. Now the couple have three children.

Amelia Vega is a titleholder of Miss Santiago (2002) Miss Dominican Republic (2002) and Miss Universe (2003).

Image source – Pinterest
Image source – Amelia Vega Instagram Account

Anamaria Goltes

Image source –

Anamaria Goltes, Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic’s girlfriend, is a model and an influencer.

She and Doncic have been dating since 2016.

Image source – Busted Coverage
Image source – Anamaria Goltes Instagram Account

Hunter Mar

Image source – Sports Gossip

Hunter Mar and Zach LaVine have met in high school and recently the couple got engaged.

The 23-year-old is popular on Instagram as she has over 91k followers.

Image Source – Hunter Mar Instagram Account
Image Source – Hunter Mar Instagram Account

Kate Bock

Image source – Cavaliers Nation

Canadian model Kate Bock is currently dating Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love. The 27-year-old was born in Vancouver, Canada.

The couple began dating back in 2016.

Image source – Pinterest
Image source – Kate Bock Instagram Account
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