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Andros Townsend makes Tottenham and Bale claim

Real Madrid star Gareth Bale

Image source: Getty Images

Andros Townsend has claimed that Gareth Bale would ‘want to go back’ to Tottenham amid his current troubles at Real Madrid. It has been well-documented that things are not going well for Bale at Madrid and his future looks pretty bleak in Spain.

Bale is refusing to leave Madrid as a standoff continues between the Welshman and the La Liga giants. Townsend spoke about how it’s understandable that Bale may have lost his happiness for football because of what is happening in Madrid.

“I think if anything the Bale situation, he’d want to go back to Spurs,” Townsend told TalkSport. “The memories of Spurs. His happiness. He was the main man. He was loved. He was at the top of his game. So, if anything I think it would work the other way.

“He would be like ‘I wish I was at Spurs now and had the freedom to do whatever I want. To express myself and not worry about where I am now where I get scrutinised for playing Golf.”

Source: hitc