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Zach LaVine speaks out on Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green

Zach LaVine’s Draymond Green comments will hype up Warriors fans

Image source: Getty Images


Chicago Bulls’ Zach LaVine has spoken out on Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green. LaVine teamed up with Green in Team USA during the Summer Olympics.

The United States won the gold medal in the Olympics this summer.

Speaking during Bull’s Media Day, LaVine told NBC Sports: “Draymond is probably the best leader or teammate you could have.

“He’s out there each and every day watching film with guys, looking at different defensive scouts, bringing guys together. Obviously we know (Kevin Durant) was the best player on the planet at this time in the game, but Draymond was very, very crucial in us winning that gold medal.

“We all bonded and I learned stuff from his as well.”


source – ClutchPoints

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