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What Stephen Curry asked first as Warriors prepped to play without fans

Image source: NBC News

Before NBA season was suspended, Golden State Warriors were preparing to play against Brooklyn Nets, without any fans.

However, the NBA matches have been suspended “until further notice” after a Utah Jazz player tested positive for the coronavirus.

David Lombardi of The Athletic has the details of how Golden State Warriors reacted to the news of playing without fans.

“I had to go with our general manager Bob Myers and meet with our team in the locker room after practice that day and say, ‘Hey, guys, we’re playing tomorrow night and we’re gonna be playing in an arena that has no fans in it,’” (Warriors team president) Rick Welts said, recalling that moment via videochat during a virtual sports technology conference Friday. “And the looks on our players’ faces were like, ‘What? How in the world is that gonna work?’ It was really quiet for quite a while.

“Then I think Steph Curry said, ‘Can we bring our own playlist? Can we play our own music?’” 

source – nbcsports

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