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How Virgil van Dijk forced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to go house hunting

Manchester United caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appears to be edging closer towards being named permanent manager.

During his time as a United player, Solskjaer lived in a five-bedroom mansion in Cheshire worth £4m. When it seemed he didn’t have a future in Manchester a few years ago, he put it up for sale, however, no buyers came forward.

Then a certain Virgil van Dijk joined Liverpool from Southampton and was on the lookout for a property to rent.

It turns out Van Dijk is currently staying at Solskjaer’s home and their tenancy agreement means it isn’t as simple as telling the Dutch to vacate.

A source said told The Sun: “The property is the one Ole and his family lived in since his time at United and when he moved away it was eventually put up for sale. But when no takers came it was offered for rent – and when Van Dijk signed for Liverpool he came to see it and loved it.

“Ole probably never thought he would be coming back to Manchester but now he is it really is ironic he can’t move back into his old place which he still owns.

“There are a few grins from people who know that Van Dijk is the tenant – a player for one of United’s fiercest rivals!”

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