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Vidic claims Maguire’s presence isn’t enough for the successful game

Image source: Getty Images

Manchester United legend Nemanja Vidic commented on Harry Maguire’s signing from Leicester City for £80million this summer.

Vidic has affirmed the 26-year-old footballer would strengthen Manchester United’s game.

The Champions League 2008 title winner said: “I think he’s had a pretty good start. Obviously we have big expectations of him, he was a big signing. If you want to win trophies, you need to have a strong defence, don’t lose many goals. Obviously he’s still new. He just came, he didn’t have a pre-season with the team. I think better games are coming from him and I think he’ll be a good signing.”

However, he stressed that the club needs a strong defence and English professional’s presence isn’t enough for the successful game.

“We need the defence to improve, we all know how important the defence is in winning trophies.”

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