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“It’s an unbelievable, remarkable feat”: LeBron James hails Lakers’ defence after 20-block display against Pistons

Image source: Yahoo! Sports

Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James has hailed the club’s defence after the team made 20 blocks during the Sunday’s 106-99 win over the Detroit Pistons.

Lakers are enjoying the season, leading the NBA table. During the last match the club star James has starred offensively with 21 points, 14 rebounds and 11 assists, while the defensive side managed to make more blocks than any other NBA team since March 2001.

Speaking on the match and the teammates’ record, James has revealed Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis and JaVale McGee made it easy for him to run the show offensively.

He told the reporters: “I think it’s an unbelievable, remarkable feat. They make it easy on us. We try to contain these small, quick guards and attackers. To know that you have that safety net behind you is a hell of a luxury.

We can pressure up on a lot of guards. This is a three-point shooting league. You can get beat a lot in this league with three-point shots, so we just try to force them wide.

I don’t think [block shots] is an underrated stat. Any time you can protect the rim or someone can get back and make a block. Some of the greatest block-shotters have dominated the history of the game.

We have one in Dwight who has done it through the course of his career, JaVale and obviously AD. When you have guys who are able to change the trajectory of the shot and also either block the shot or make guards or forwards change their shot, it’s key to the defence.

When we acquired AD and when we re-signed JeVale we knew we’d be able to impact a lot of shots. When we acquired Dwight we knew we’d be able to add even more, so we know we can do certain things offensively that other teams can’t because of the protection we have. We just try to take advantage of it.”

Lakers will face their next rivals, New York Knicks, on Wednesday.

Source: Yahoo! Sport 

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