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TOP 10 Midfielders In The World 2021

Image source: Getty Images

2. Kevin De Bruyne

Club: Manchester City

Country: Belgium

Age: 30

Image Source: Getty Images

The discussion about who is the best player in the world can go for hours without reaching a verdict, but Kevin de Bruyne is undoubtedly one of the best central midfielders if not the best one.

The Manchester City wizard is an ideal candidate to be named the best midfielder, as he has done many wonders in 2021.

The unique part about De Bruyne is that in order to show the supremacy of other midfielders they usually compare them to the Belgium international and then call their player the best.

So if you are being used to compare someone then it is a sign that you are already the best.

1. Thomas Müller

Club: Bayern Munich

Country: Germany

Age: 32

Image Source: Getty Images

Thomas Müller has led the way with assists for the last two seasons.

Müller’s ability to run around and find space to function in and the ability to play the final ball is absolutely unmatched.

Occupying the right areas on the pitch is not an easy task, however, by doing this, the German shows his talent of reading the game.

His experience and presence have contributed immensely towards Bayern’s success.

No wonder, we’ve put him 1st in our top 10 list.


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