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TOP 10 most famous bust-ups over the years

Image source: Getty Images

Mourinho v Pogba

Jose Mourinho and Paul Pogba weren’t in a good relationship for months. The Frenchman had been stripped of the captain role after openly questioning the manager’s defensive tactics.

The situation reaches the point the day after Manchester United were knocked out of the Carabao Cup by Derby, where Pogba had sat in the stands and shared a video of himself laughing on Instagram.

Mourinho got furious with the timing of the post, that Pogba blamed on poor signal at United. Sky Sports cameras shot the pair having unhappy words.

Later less than three months Mourinho was sacked from his management responsibilities.

Image Source: Daily Mail


Barton v Dabo

In 2008 Joey Barton was charged for knocking his French teammate Ousmane Dabo during a row at Manchester City’s training ground after they had some quarrel.

Barton continued to punch Dabo while lying on top of him at the time when the Frenchman had already lost consciousness.

After the incident, Dabo suffered a detached retina, while Barton handed a four-month suspended prison sentence.

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Hartson v Berkovic

In 1999 John Hartson became the first player to be charged with misconduct for kicking West Ham team-mate Eyal Berkovic in the head in training.

Berkovic was the fist to aim at Welshman’s leg after a strong tackle in training, then Hartson responded by aiming a boot into the Israeli’s chin.

Speaking upon the incident, later Hartson told: “The aftermath of it was horrendous. I was the front page of every national newspaper across the globe, I was on the News at Ten with Trevor McDonald, there were newspapers knocking my mum and dad’s door down in Wales.”

Hartson was fined £20,000 and given a three-match ban with the whole incident caught on film.

Image Source: Daily Mail
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