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TOP 10 most famous bust-ups over the years

Image source: Getty Images

Gravesen v Robinho

Never make Thomas Gravesen annoyed. Robinho realized it himself back in 2006.

The fight broke out after a usual ill-time challenge from the Danish on Robinho during a pre-season training session.

Gravesen was seen to throw punches in the direction of his teammate.

Image Source: Daily Mail


Domenech v Evra

France’s World Cup in 2010 has been marked in history with its bust-ups.

Thierry Henry refused to play during a group stage defeat to Mexico, while Nicolas Anelka was sent off the game after questioning the tactics of manager Raymond Domenech at half time, saying: “Go f*** yourself, you son of a w****.” 

Following the incident, France had a goalless draw with Uruguay, heading the national team for an early exit. Things became even worse in the buildup for their fixture against hosts South Africa.

France refused to train at the exile of Anelka as a protest before captain Patrice Evra was seen in a public spat with fitness coach Robert Duverne. The coach left angrily in protest and even threw his accreditation pass to the ground.

Image Source: Daily Mail
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