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Steve Kerr on how Stephen Curry has changed basketball

Steve Kerr on how Stephen Curry has changed basketball

Image source: The Mercury News

Steve Kerr has given his thoughts on how Stephen Curry has changed the game of basketball for everybody.

Warriors head coach joined Damon, Ratto and Kolsky Friday afternoon to talk about 95.7 The Game’s Top 10 Bay Area Athletes of All Time list. Stephen Curry finished 2nd on the list.

“He changed my understanding of what was a good shot and what was not,” Kerr said. “The first couple of months that I coached, Steph, half the shots that he took I could hear my old coaches voices ringing in my head saying, ‘That’s a bad shot. That’s a bad shot.'”

Kerr continued, “And there’s a semi-famous clip of Steph dribbling through the entire Clippers defense and then shooting a fadeaway 28-footer and they showed me on the sidelines putting my hands on my head… that was probably the last time I ever put my hands on my head when Steph took one of those shots.”

“That was probably two or three months into my first season coaching and it just took that long to realize, okay these are actually good shots because they were never good shots for anybody else who had ever played the game. So, you’re right. Steph has changed the game for everybody at every level.”

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