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Alla Zakarian

15-02-2019 | 12:44 Football

Specialist in failure: Mourinho’s compensation after being sacked  

Former Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has earned more than any of us will earn in a lifetime for being rubbish at his job. The Portuguese makes a fortune from a failure as he banked £62.5m for getting sacked by Manchester United, Chelsea (twice) and Real Madrid. Manchester United released financial records on Thursday that revealed Mourinho and members of his backroom team were paid a total of £19.6million compensation after being sacked in December. Mourinho alone was paid a massive £15m of that. How much Jose Mourinho has earned from his firing before Chelsea 2007
  • £18m
Real Madrid 2013
  • £17m
Chelsea 2015
  • £12.5m
Manchester United 2018
  • £15M

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