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Sadio Mane speaks out on his ‘rivarly’ with Mohamed Salah

image via 90min

Ahead of Liverpool’s Champions League final against Tottenham today, June 1st, Sadio Mane was interviewed by former the Reds player Robbie Fowler.

Mane spoke about his ‘rivarly’ with Mohamed Salah as after the season ended, Mane alongside with Salah and Aubameyang won the Golden Boot.

RF: Ok, here’s a question for you as a fellow striker. It’s 0-0 in the last minute of the final, there’s a chance. Who do you want to be in position for it, you or Mo Salah?

SM: Hahahaha! I just want to win! Mo scores, I score, I need the cup. I think at this moment, I want this trophy, sometimes, so much it makes me sick! He can score. Mo you can score please. Until we get the trophy I think he’s the one for the goal!

RF: I think that says everything about you. I won’t lie, I’d want it to be me!

SM: I’m being honest. The trophy, if Mo scores I give it to him. We want the trophy, so score, Mo, please!

RF: You do seem a player who is prepared to sacrifice your own glory for the team. Are you happy being out of the limelight, Mo getting all the credit, is that you?

SM: I think last season, and until now in fact, Mo has been incredible. If you want to win something as a team, of course you need this kind of player.

RF: People make out there’s this big rivalry between you and that you’re not friends, that’s clearly not the case, is it?

SM: Of course not. This kind of thing, it happens in football. It doesn’t matter if I score or not as long as the team scores. Some people want to say its a rivalry, but I think that’s what makes football so exciting – a rivalry. But it really doesn’t matter to me. Honest!

via Mirror 

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