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Roger Federer reveals his plans from now until February 2019

Roger Federer is focused on winning the Swiss Indoors in Basel and then the ATP Finals in London in November.

“The beauty here in Switzerland is that you rarely meet big groups on the street. This time there was a funny situation. A man came by there making a joke. “Do not light the fire”, he said. “You cannot do it here.” And I am like, “Are you joking?” I knew that there was a fire warning in summer, but I did not know that was still there. He said: “Oh, sorry, I wanted to make a joke. I thought you were someone else.” A funny meeting” said Federer.

Commenting on how people behave towards him, he added: ‘Most of the people say Hi and they are like: “I am really happy to see you’ in real life.” In Switzerland, they are so nice and calm.

Roger Federer reveals how he really feels ahead of Swiss Indoors opener