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Roger Federer picks Rafael Nadal’s biggest strength

Twenty-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer has admitted that it’s very hard to pick Rafael Nadal’s biggest strength.

In an interview, Federer was asked what Nadal’s strength he would like to take.

“Rafa has so many great assets to his game, it’s very hard to try to imagine that I would have some of his strengths. It’s such a different and complex player to me”, said Federer.

“I try to change up my game every single shot or point I play with him I find it a bit different, he always plays, tries to do pretty much the same and by doing that, try to eventually get to your mind or physically break you down, and of course it has improved much more today, you can various game a lot, but if I would have to pick one huge strength he has is his movement on clay, I think he moves extremely well, then obviously it’s not without talking about these foreign abilities and all that stuff. But he has become a wonderful player and a great person for the game.”

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