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Roger Federer: “I hope friendship with Rafael Nadal inspires other players”

Roger Federer commented his rivalry with Rafael Nadal in a press conference.

The pair supposed to face each other for the 39th time in Indian Wells but the Spaniard Withdraw.

Federer said: “I just think we were different characters, he was lefty I am right, he was the up-and-coming, I was the dominant player for a very long time before he came and he was a big first challenge who could beat me more than once or two times in a row and that just drew big interest in our rivalry and then of course we played some of those amazing matches in Grand Slam finals such as Wimbledon a few times, Australian Open, French Open, and I think all of that created this great rivalry and it has been amazing for our sport, great for our game.”

They have also a great relationship on the court. Federer hopes their friendship can be an example for the next generation: “It’s nice to get along. Maybe in the past people always felt top guys are not supposed to get along because they are supposed to beat each other and not like each other to play at their best but I think I was able to see it differently through respect and fair play, no problem, you can also dominate and play well and that maybe has trickled down to let’s say Rafa as well, for instance, he also takes the same approach.

Very respectful, aggressive on the court but always according to rules and I can play great tennis and I think it’s wonderful that these two guys at the very top have a wonderful relationship that can also speak volumes down in the lower rankings when where they are very hungry as well to breakthrough and come forward if they see that we get along, why should not they get along as well with all of us really.”

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