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Rafael Nadal reveals will he play like Federer at 37 years

Rafael Nadal beat Filip Krajinovic in the Indian Wells.

Following the victory, Nadal was asked if he sees himself playing professional tennis at 37 years of age like Roger Federer is doing.

“Probably not, today. But when I was 26 or 25, I was not able at that point to see me playing at the age of almost 33. So you never know”, said Nadal.

On veterans like Federer, Ivo Karlovic and Venus Williams having success, Nadal added: “I don’t think is the right moment to talk. But it is obvious that when this kind of stuff happens, there are two reasons.

First thing, of course, you are passionate about what you are doing. Second thing, you are able to work on the prevention of injuries. Treat your body the right way. Third thing, of course, you’re still competitive to win important things. That’s the main thing, too.”

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