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Alla Zakarian

04-07-2019 | 16:13 Tennis

“Roger Federer cannot say he is the greatest of all time,” John Isner

John Isner thinks Roger Federer cannot claim to be the greatest player of all time because of the strength of his rivals. The Swiss star, who is 20-time Grand Slam winner, has won 102 ATP titles and is just seven Jimmy Connor’s all-time record, "It's amazing to look at the Grand Slam stats," Isner said. "I mean, what has Roger won, 20? And he's, like, s**t, like, he can't even say he's the greatest player of all time at 20 Grand Slams. "It's incredible. These guys are pushing each other. Rafa has 18 and then Djokovic is 15, not slowing down. It's remarkable. These guys are pushing each other. "I think when all's said and done, it's going to be arguing who's better, Michael [Jordan] or LeBron [James]? It will impossible to tell."

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