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Press Conference: Tottenham boss talks about Sheffield United, Son’s incident and Liverpool versus Manchester City

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Tottenham is to face Sheffield United on Saturday following 4-0 Champions League win over Red Star Belgrade. Ahead of the clash Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino has spoken to the media in his pre-match press conference and reflected on Son Heung-min’s incident against Everton, has talked about upcoming rivals Sheffield United, and revealed whether he would be watching Liverpool against Manchester City.

Following last week’s Son Heung-min incident the Argentine manager said:

“He (Son) was affected like everyone, during the game (at Everton) and after the game, it is difficult to see how a player is suffering a massive injury. He was involved, there was a bit of confusion in the action, with the decision to show the red card. He felt responsible than when we concede with ten men. But he wasn’t guilty for the injury, and he showed that he is in a good state and mental level. Of course, he is sorry about Andre, like everyone, but relieved with the message from Andre on social media, which was good and positive.”

Spurs boss reflected on Ryan Sessegnon and his call-up to the England U21 squad:

“He is playing in the last two games, and involved in the squad, playing some minutes. He suffered a big injury and we are trying to provide him to be in his best form, but we are so happy that he is involved with the team. Same as Lo Celso last week, I accept when the national team asks for your player, or calls them up. I prefer that the player should be here training with us and available to play 90 minutes. You have two weeks to build his fitness, but we accept that players enjoy going to play for their national team, and he is a very important player.”

Ahead of upcoming clash with Sheffield United, Pochettino also shared his view about Chris Wilder’s squad:

“It is going to be very difficult. They work so hard. They have a good squad, great organisation, a great manager and I think to fight for each other, they have good players, of course, that is the key for Sheffield United and that’s why they are doing so well, with so many points.”

He also stated that some players have small issues:

“Some players suffer small issues and we have three games in six days. I still need to decide the team for tomorrow,” he said.

And when asked whether he will watch Liverpool against Manchester City this weekend he replied:

“I love football. I love different sports. Tennis, golf, but my priority is football. To watch a game like this, of course, I will be in front of the TV watching this, because my priority is football.”

Tottenham versus Sheffield United clash will take place On Saturday at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.


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