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Press Conference: Guardiola speaks on title race, Klopp and playing at Anfield ahead of Liverpool clash

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Manchester City travel to Anfield to face Liverpool in the most crucial match of the Premier League.

Liverpool are currently leading the table with six points ahead of City.

Ahead of the game, Pep Guardiola has faced the press and here is what he said.

Guardiola on the title race

“Right now Liverpool is the strongest team in the world, it’s 90 minutes and we will follow the plan.”

Guardiola on Klopp

“He’s done it in Dortmund and here, it’s easy to analyse how huge the impact has been. When he took over they weren’t a contender, in three or four years he built something marvellous to watch.”

Guardiola on title defence

 “I don’t know, we have a lot of games still to play, we want to fight until the end on Sunday and in all the games we’re going to play.”

Guardiola on Aguero’s goalscoring record

“He was born scoring goals and he will die scoring goals. He’s an exceptional player. He has different qualities to Gabriel.”

Guardiola on Sterling

“If we play well as a team he will increase his own performance, we have to try to help him and all the other players.”

Guardiola on City’s set up at Anfield

“Sometimes when the opponents are as good as Liverpool you have to adapt. I was more defensive with Bayern Munich when we went to Dortmund and won 3-0, that was incredibly defensive. The plan at Anfield wasn’t like this.”

Guardiola on Anfield

“The stadium is a big influence, it speaks for itself, but it’s more the quality of the players, the manager they have. Right now it’s the toughest stadium to go too. I love the atmosphere. I don’t like what happened outside the stadium, but inside it’s perfect, that is why we’re involved in this business, to experience these stadiums.”

Source- MEN

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