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Premier League transfer a must before retirement says Dani Alves

Paris Saint-Germain right-back Dani Alves has said he cannot consider ending his career without sampling the Premier League.

“The idea that I might finish my career without going to the Premier League, it is not possible,” Alves said. “For sure, this is the most amazing football in the world.

“First, because of the respect for the players from the fans, and then because of the passion on the pitch. If I can play, that would be perfect, but I will make it there one way or the other.”

The 35-year-old turned down Manchester City and the Premier League when he joined PSG on a free transfer in 2017, despite his good relationship with Pep Guardiola.

“We had some ups and downs in our relationship and, just before he left [Barcelona], he said something that really hurt me,” Alves said. “But he phoned me to talk about it and we had a very special talk. I like people that are able to say they need to be forgiven and to ask for forgiveness. So, turning him down was painful. In football terms, he was one of the most amazing people I have known, completely obsessed with his work, but how he treated people was special, especially me.”

Alves elaborated on his failed City move in an interview with The Times and said that not moving to the Etihad was down to bad timing.

“It was a hair’s breadth away,” the Brazil international said. “The circumstances of life took me in another direction. If the future gives me this possibility again, I accept. Right now, I don’t think about that, I’m happy.”

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