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NBA analyst says LeBron James “is addicted to” attention

Image source: Getty Images

Rick Bucher has revealed Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has an unhealthy craving for attention.

During his latest “Bucher and Friends” podcast, the NBA analyst has shared his thoughs on how James deals with the status of being a worldwide superstar.

He said: “When I consider where LeBron came from and what he experienced early on, it’s remarkable he’s risen to the heights that he has. But that is not what he is now. He has escaped those circumstances and more. He’s as powerful as any NBA player I’ve seen.

As what I won’t do is accept his beginnings as an excuse how he’s handling or misusing the power and influence that he has now. He craves for attention. And I say crave because it seems something greater than just loving it. I think LeBron is addicted to it.”

Source: Talk Basket

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