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How much money Liverpool will miss out on if Barcelona sell Philippe Coutinho

Image source: Getty Images

Liverpool parted company with Philippe Coutinho in January 2018 after they received an initial £106million from the transfer with Barcelona agreeing to pay an additional £36million in bonuses, which include an appearances fee, which will be paid in full after Coutinho plays 100 games for Barcelona, as well as pay-outs for Champions League success and individual trophies.

The Reds have apparently earned £17.5million from Barcelona, which equates to £123.5 million of the total fee they are owed.  This means that the Reds are still due £18.5million of the transfer fee.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Jurgen Klopp’s side have already received bigger money and are in fact only owed £5million from Barcelona.

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