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Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne reacts to being called the best midfielder in the world

Image source: Getty Images

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has reacted to being called the best midfielder in the world.

De Bruyne helped City to win back-to-back Premier League titles and a wealth of other domestic honours.

The 28-year-old widely regarded to be the greatest midfielder in the world.

“It fills me with pride. As a football player, you have a long journey and when you start you just want to be a player, you don’t think about being the best, it’s impossible to think that you’re going to be one of the best in the world,” he told Sky Sports. “The main thing for me is winning. When that goes on, you want to evolve and that gets higher.”

The Belgian midfielder also discussed his form this season.

“I would say that it is difficult to comment on form but I guess that I am the most complete player now. In every aspect of the game, I feel really comfortable now. When I think about my time at Wolfsburg where I did incredibly well, maybe I was more up and down. I feel like the last three seasons I’m happy because I’m playing at a constant level, from the first game against West Ham to the last game against Real Madrid, all season I’m playing really well and that makes it satisfying to know that I can be constantly good at a big enough level to perform.”

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