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Liverpool may re-sign Coutinho if Barcelona agree to one term

Philippe Coutinho in action for Bayern Munich

Image source: Getty Images

Liverpool will reportedly re-sign Philippe Coutinho only if Barcelona drop their valuation to an affordable package, according to the Athletic’s James Pearce.

The Reds’ former playmaker has been heavily linked with a move to the Anfield this week, as the Catalan giants are keen on selling him this summer.

In an interview with Red Agenda Podcast, Pearce has talked about Coutinho’s possible return to Liverpool.

“I honestly don’t see it happening,” he said.

“I just think it doesn’t make sense. I think the only glimmer is that if a deal dropped to such a low level financially with Barcelona willing to effectively subsidise his wages.

“I think people have such short memories of about how much of a stink he kicked up in terms of a transfer request on the eve of a new season.

“That is pretty damning on what his attitude was like around the place and shows just how desperate he was to get away. It just wouldn’t make sense to me, I think Liverpool have moved on without Coutinho.

“They’ve evolved as a team and are certainly a lot less predictable without him. I would be absolutely amazed if it happened.”

Source- Daily and Sunday Express

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