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Leeds Rhinos Chief Executive makes a claim about Rugby League suspension

Image source: Getty Images

Leeds Rhinos Chief Executive Gary Hetherington is hopeful the season should be completed, regardless how long it takes.

UK Rugby League has been postponed indefinitely since March 16 and the country is currently on shutdown due to coronavirus crisis.

Hetherington has stated that rugby league has the flexibility to keep going, even if it is into next year.

Speaking to the Leeds Rhinos official website, he said:

“We will certainly complete the season. There is a real commitment throughout the game to do that and deliver that.

“We have flexibility as well. Our season can run right until the end of this year, maybe even rolling into next year if it had to.

“Obviously we would look to get back as soon as possible, but we have to be prepared to start whenever we can.

“That could be in September, just to use an example and if it is, we will be prepared to do that.”

Source- SARL

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