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England star John Bateman stays busy despite the COVID-19 break

Image source: Getty Images

John Bateman picked up the tools in Canberra on Tuesday as some players start to go to work during the NRL season break.

The England back-rower was seen helping a friend do some manual labour in the centre of Australia’s capital.

Speaking to the Canberra Times Bateman said the work was purely a favour in these testing times:

“Not officially on the tools, but I’ve come to do a little bit of work today for one of my mates, just helping him out,” he said.

“He’s just stripping some roofs and he’s throwing some rubbish down. I just clean up. It’s not much. I can’t do much. I’ve got my shoulder injury.”

However, Bateman is not the only Raiders man working during the break, with international teammate Elliott Whitehead posting a number of farm-related posts on his Instagram story.

“I think Elliott’s on a farm somewhere in Canberra. I’m not too sure what’s going down. I just keep seeing videos of cows,” Bateman added.

The Rugby League Players Association agreed to an interim 75 per cent pay cut with players expected to agree to a basic deal on payment, which will guarantee them two months of wages over seven months.

Source- SARL