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La Liga forward hints on future move to Celtic or Rangers

Image source: Jack Harper posa para 'Málaga Hoy'. / JAVIER ALBIÑANA

Alcorcón forward Jack Harper has admitted he still has no intention to join Celtic or Rangers, despite their “mythical”’ qualities.

The Scottish forward has played most of his games out of Britain as a youth player at Real Madrid, leaving the club at 18 and finally settling at La Liga club Alcorcón. 

Having dual nationality, Harper is able to play for multiple nations. However, the 23-year-old doesn’t seem to target Scotland and Spain at the present. 

“People don’t know how important both teams in Scotland are. Sixty thousand fans go to the games. Both Celtic and Rangers are mythical. 

The league is becoming more powerful, but I don’t think about it now. I have twelve years left in my career, and anything can happen.” he told El Desmarque:

Though Harper doesn’t intend to return to Scotland now, he would probably choose Scottish Premiership in future, as Rangers coach Steven Gerrard has rebuilt the squad. 

“My parents (are Rangers), I am a little more neutral. I like to watch the derbies for passion and intensity, but I do not choose. 

Yes (I follow the league), and more now that the Rangers has once again become a strong team. They had problems, went down to the third tier, and Celtic won eight leagues in a row.

Now with coach Steven Gerrard, everything is going better. In general, the Scottish Premiership is very beautiful; it has very mythical teams,” he added.

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