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King Pro League Global Tour Spring 2020 – Lower Division: Last Group Stage Preview

Image source: Facebook/ GC Busan Camellia

King Pro League Global Tour Spring 2020 is currently underway. The tour has started in March.

It contains the group stage and playoff rounds. Top 2 teams enter KPLGT Playoffs with other Upper Division teams in Lower Bracket, while other teams will be eliminated. All matches are played in a Bo3 with Global Ban-Pick.

The prize pool for the tournament is $28,500 USD.

On April 30, will start the eighth week of the group stage, which will also be the last one.

RTZ Esports Club VS GC Busan Camellia

RTZ Esports Club are currently second in standings. They have six victories after eight games. GC Busan Camellia, meanwhile, are currently leading the table as they have eight victories out of eight.

VBET Odds:

  • RTZ Esports Club: 3.90
  • GC Busan Camellia: 1.21

Gank Esports VS Chasing Glory

Gank Esports are eighth in the standings. They have only three victories out of eight. Chasing Glory, meanwhile, are seventh with the same results.

VBET Odds:

  • Gank Esports: 2.08
  • Chasing Glory: 1.66

Venture Galaxy VS Cha Bu Duo

Venture Galaxy are currently fourth in the standings. After eight games, they have four victories and four defeats. Cha Bu Duo, meanwhile, are fifth. They also have four victories and four defeats.

VBET Odds:

  • Venture Galaxy: 1.57
  • Cha Bu Duo: 2.25

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