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09-11-2019 | 17:21 Football

Kevin de Bruyne makes claim about Anfield ahead of Liverpool clash

Manchester City are preparing to play an away Premier League game against Liverpool on Sunday, November 10 at Anfield. Ahead of the game, the Citizens' midfielder Kevin de Bruyne has revealed that he likes Anfield and loves "the passion of football". Speaking to Sky Sports, De Bruyne said: "If you are somebody who wants to compete for titles and win, these are the games you want to play. "I like Anfield, I like it a lot. I love people being on you, being noisy, that is what it's all about. I love the passion of football. "Lately, a lot of new things have been introduced in football, but I still love things how they were in the old days - people shout and get their team forward. That is something that I learned in Germany, because fans are so behind their team. "The home players probably get a little bit more [from the Anfield atmosphere] but even if it's against you, you are at the top of the world, playing the best level. That is what you want. "You fight your whole lifetime to be here. That's the appreciation you get for working as a young child and getting here. "You know if you play away from home, people are going to be against you and when you play at home, people are for you. That's just the way the world rolls." 

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