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Karim Benzema takes another swipe at Olivier Giroud as he doubles down after stating ‘don’t confuse F1 with go karting’

Image source: Getty Images

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has taken another massive swipe at Chelsea’s Olivier Giroud.

Benzema has played 81 games for France national team has scored 27 goals and didn’t win a trophy. The forward hasn’t played for Didier Deschamps side since 2016.

Giroud, meanwhile, has played 97 games, has scored 39 goals and won the World Cup 2018 title.

Asked about his record when put up alongside Giroud’s, Benzema told fans on Instagram Live: “You don’t compare Formula 1 with karting, and I am being nice. Next…I know that I am Formula 1. It works because he is there, that is the only reason. It won’t be spectacular, he won’t do something amazing, but he has his thing. Aside from that, does everyone like the way he plays? I don’t know.”

Seeking to clarify his comments on Monday, Benzema tried to play down the situation but he refused to go back on his original statement.

“I told the truth, it is that simple,” Benzema said in an Instagram post. “What was not reported was what I said about what he brings to the France team. What was picked up was that I said I was Formula 1 and he was karting. That is what I think, that is the truth. If you ask me in comparison to Ronaldo (Nazario): he is Formula 1 and I am karting, that is the truth!”

Source: Daily Mail

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