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Jurgen Klopp mentions the attributes team should have to win EPL title

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp has spoken out about the attributes team should have in order to win EPL title.

After 26 matches Reds have the same amount of points as Manchester City, but have one more game to be played.

Klopp said (via LiverpoolECHO) “We are convinced about the way we want to play but you cannot get a guarantee,” 

“I’m sorry for that, but especially in that league you cannot get a guarantee. Man City doesn’t have a guarantee in this moment, Tottenham doesn’t have a guarantee but a big opportunity like us and City as well.

“So these three teams will fight for the title, that’s how it is, and I don’t know who will be there at the end.

“But it will be a team who plays the rest of the season with a lot of confidence, with an outstanding high work-rate, with a lot of passion, full of desire, all that stuff. Who plays really front-footed and tries to win, not tries to avoid losing.

“And if all three are doing that, then we have to respect that as well and see how the results work. But we will fight for it with all we have – and now first we play the Champions League game, of course.”

Merseyside club will face Manchester United in upcoming league match at Old Trafford Stadium.

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