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Sergio Ramos keeps on defending himself

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has spoken out on criticism towards his intentions to get a yellow card during Champions League Round of 16 match against Ajax Amsterdam to miss the second leg.

As reported earler, Spanish international is facing a potential extended suspension from UEFA after admitting he deliberately received a yellow card during Real Madrid’s Champions League win over Ajax on Wednesday.

“I’m surprised about all this, I meant to have forced the foul, a foul that was inevitable, not to have forced the booking. I knew I was risking a card and a disqualification, but I had no alternative.” he told Marca (via Calciomercato)

“88 minutes, with a game and a qualification still open, so I said that I would have lied if I said I did not know how to take a disqualification, as I knew I had no other option to do it.

“If I wanted to force the ban, I could have done it in the group stage, in the match against Roma because we were already qualified as first in the group and the last match with CSKA was irrelevant, a match for which I have not been summoned.” Ramos added.

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